David Petraeus wants to know if Al Franken was brainwashed

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Petraeus: Serious about an investigation.
Gen. David Petraeus, the top military commander in Afghanistan, has ordered an investigation over a report last week that alleges a military psy-ops team tried to play mind tricks on visiting U.S. lawmakers -- including Sen. Al Franken.

The goal, according to a story published in Rolling Stone, was to get Franken and others to vote for more resources for the war.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan told the Los Angeles Times that Petraeus wants to know "what actions took place and if any of them were inappropriate or illegal."

Franken issued a statement after the story broke stating there was simply no way he was the victim of military mind games:

My perspective on the effort in Afghanistan is the product of countless face-to-face meetings with soldiers and marines, Pentagon officials, State Department officials, outside experts and my constituents in Minnesota, as well as extensive review of reports and classified material.

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All smiles No brainwashing here. Seriously.
Sen. Carl Levin, who went to Afghanistan last year with Franken, made the same case.

"I have strongly and repeatedly advocated for building up Afghan military capability because I believe only the Afghans can truly secure their nation's future. I have never needed any convincing on this point," Levin said.

See? Brainwashed. Totally.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

He's not brainwashed! If you look more closely, you will see the strings attached to Franken's arms, legs, and lips.When something looks and sounds funny with a politician; look at their election campaign contributions.

"according to a story published in Rolling Stone" Now there is a credible news source Hart!


Hey Kirk, you remember what happened to Gen. Stanley McChrystal?

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