Denny Hecker phones in wedding vows to Christi Rowan

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Mr. and Mrs. Jailbird.
Make that: Christi Rowan-Hecker.

Fellow jailbirds Denny Hecker and Christi Rowan say they got married by phone on Feb. 22, but Minnesota law says that doesn't count, and the Hennepin County Attorney is looking into the legality of their license.

If it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, then maybe the soul mates will finally get things right.

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Christi Rowan-Hecker, soulmate.
He's in prison for a decade for trying to defraud auto lenders out of millions of dollars. She's in jail awaiting sentencing for her role in his shady business and bankruptcy dealings. If the vows hold legal water, this would be Hecker's fifth marriage and Rowan's second.

Hecker and Rowan were suspected of trying to get hitched once before, in November. Hecker had a meeting with his lawyers at the U.S. Attorney's offices in Minneapolis, with his pastor, Rev. Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren, in attendance. In walked Rowan.

All parties claimed she was just there to retrieve some court documents -- total coincidence! But down came the long arm of the law.

Denny Hecker's lovable mug.
But love knows no limits for these white collar criminals. On Feb. 22, with Geisendorfer-Lindgren officiating, Hecker phoned in his vows from the Sherburne County jail to Rowan at Maple Grove's Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Her child's nanny acted as witness.

"Our normal has never been like anybody else's normal," he told WCCO.

No kidding.

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Chumley Jones
Chumley Jones

This is proof that love overcomes all adversities.

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Good Lord. At least a Photoshop montage of their booking mugshots would make a lovely "Soulmates Forever" wedding photo. Who says the camera can't see one's soul?

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