Denny Hecker's pastor, Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren, defends phoned-in wedding

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Worthy of marriage, pastor says.
What would Jesus have done with Denny Hecker and Christi Rowan?

Pastor Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren figures he would have let the bankrupt and jailed former auto magnate get married to his girlfriend, who is also facing time behind bars.

On Sunday, he used his pulpit at Lord of Life Church in Maple Grove to defend officiating the unusual wedding, which took place Feb. 22.

Hecker phoned in his vows from the Sherburne County jail as Rowan stood with Geisendorfer-Lindgren at the church, and her child's nanny acted as witness.

"Much to my dismay, I received my 15 minutes of fame" for that performance, he told his flock. "I did it because I don't think Jesus wants us to eat only with those who are worthy of our invitation."

Hecker will get no legal advantage from the marriage, Geisendorfer-Lindgren said, as a KARE-11 church member recorded the sermon.

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Interesting that this is a church opposed to gay marriage (from their website "Lord of Life believes that marriage is a lifelong relationship based on the promise of faithfulness between one man and one woman to each other. We believe that marriage should be rooted in steadfast love of God and that God's faithfulness and self-giving love are the models of the relationship in a marriage. We believe that God, along with the church, desires that marriage be characterized by faithfulness, joy, love, growth and fulfillment.")

So I would be curious how the Pastor, who says "I did it because I don't think Jesus wants us to eat only with those who are worthy of our invitation," justifies a marriage between between two individuals who will be incarcerated at separate facilities are more worthy of marriage than a committed gay couple.


Go grind your ax elsewhere Frank and leave religon to those that believe

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