Dexter Eugene Bingham delivered St. Cloud Times and terroristic threats

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Dexter Eugene Bingham went from delivering the news to being the news.
Dexter Eugene Bingham used to deliver the news. Today, he became the news.

The 36-year-old man was arrested in his Sauk Rapids home for making bogus phone calls to police about bomb threats, rapes, and murders--all while delivering the St. Cloud Times.

Those rural delivery routes must get lonely and boring in the early hours. Maybe he was imagining some compelling headlines.

In January, the Stearns County Dispatch Center fielded a call about a woman being kidnapped, driven around the county, and raped. Another time, a caller said his wife and kids were in their burning car and he was going to crash it into the Mississippi.The next day, the caller claimed to have shot his wife and dumped her body in a park. Still more calls in February talked about bombs being planted in a police car and the local high school.

Police followed up on all the calls, but never found the people or events described in them.

Then they traced the calls to Bingham.

He was arrested, admitted making the calls, and was thrown in the Stearns County jail. While prosecutors consider possible charges of terroristic threats, maybe he can write the headline over his own story: Bored, lonely newspaper delivery man mistakes himself for murderous bomber.

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maybelle adams
maybelle adams

This airgent reporter could help his self if he really looked at the facts.What person in there right mind would make that many calls? was he trying to get caught to get help? or so he would not do these things,after all,even the schools is where his children went.I am not by any means trying to excuse Dexter .he admitted it. i just think the man DEXTER BINGHAM SR.that molester Dexter all his young life, making him his whipping post,should be right there with him .let him share in the blame.AFTER all,he in in Aniston Ala. ......thank yon


Thank you for your support Aunt Maybelle.  I've read this article and there are SO many informational errors.  How would I know?  I'm the one this article is about!!!!

Becca sloan
Becca sloan

Who are you to put all of that out there? What do you TRULY know about Dexter or his life?

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