Eugene Glaraton, fugitive sex offender, spotted near Rosedale Shopping Center

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Eugene Glaraton has been on the run for almost two weeks.
​A fugitive retrieval team from the Minnesota Department of Corrections reports that Eugene Glaraton, a level-3 sex offender on the lam, has been spotted near the Rosedale mall.

Glaraton was released from prison into intensive supervision at a halfway house on February 15. Five days later, the only trace of him was a clipped and abandoned GPS ankle bracelet.

Glaraton was convicted of the stranger-rape of a 15-old-boy back in 1987. His record says he used "force" in the crime. Since then, Glaraton repeatedly failed to register as a sex offender and provided false information to law enforcement agents. He's gone by the name "Toby Waldo," "Tony Waldo," "Eugene Waldo" and "Gene Waldo." Glaraton has been classified a level-3 offender, or "most likely to re-offend."

Since running from his halfway house in St. Paul, investigators say he's been seen near the intersection of Larpenteur and Dale, and very recently in the vicinity of the Rosedale Shopping Center in Roseville.

While the DOC is asking people to keep their eyes peeled, they are adamant that Glaraton is dangerous and should not be approached.

"He is somebody, just by his own actions, who's shown he's not willing to follow the rules," says spokesman John Schadl. "People should not confront him."

So take a close look, but do not engage:

eugene glaraton 4 view.jpg
Eugene Glaraton may have a beard or go clean shaven.
Glaraton is 5-foot-11-inches tall and weighs about 222 pounds. Sightings should be reported to 911 or the DOC tipline at 651-603-0026.

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O i hate such people. Should shoot them at sight, wherever seen.

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How could you write THIS line for THIS story--He's gone by the name "Toby Waldo," "Tony Waldo," "Eugene Waldo" and "Gene Waldo."

And neglect to make a "Where's Waldo?" joke? I'm disappointed... :)


Bring bach the death penalty,,,


Shouldn't helping put away a scum bag like this be more than a reward in itself?

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