Francois Sainfort and Julie Jacko indicted in U of M salary double-dip

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U of M
Sainfort and Jacko were indicted in Georgia.
University of Minnesota professors Francois Sainfort and Julie Jacko, a husband and wife team, are no longer just suspected money grubbers, they're alleged criminals.

The pair were indicted by a Fulton County, Georgia, Grand Jury today on charges that they conspired to simultaneously earn full-time salaries from both Georgia Tech and the U of M, lied about the dual employment, and fraudulently billed Tech for bogus travel.

Reportedly no paupers at the time, Sainfort [bio] was pulling down a $265,000 annual salary at the U, and Jacko [bio] earned $204,000 a year, when their gambit exposed. The couple specializes in crunching massive amounts of data in the School of Public Health.

Their talents were worth millions of dollars in grant money to Georgia Tech, starting in 2002. The U recruited them for the same assets in 2007. Their alleged double dipping came to light in 2008.

Both professors face a string of felony charges. If convicted, Sainfort could serve up to 165 years, and Jacko 115 years behind bars.

Call it a sabbatical.

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International Public Health
International Public Health

As a health professional, I condemn Hart Van Denburg's scathing release re; Drs, Jacko and Sainfort. Van DenBurg's vitriolic diatribe is a discredit to journalism and to the positive global impact of Drs. Jacko's and Sanfort's research and implementation on health care delivery. Shame on YOU for delivering a biased verdict prior to the due process of discovery. Drs. Jacko and Sainfort are an inspiration to Public Healath, health care and research. On behalf of Public Health, Health Care Reform and Health Informatics, I deplore Van Denburg's unprofessional journalism. Van Denburg's journalism is a testimony of ugliness and toxicity which unfortunately permeates media and supports an unhealthy society. Perhaps you , Hart Van DenBurg should take a permanent sabbatical and save us from your toxic spirit.

International Public Health Consumer Advocacy


If found guilty,,,Hang them.


Are you serious? My husband and I have devoted our professional careers to medical informatics, and can't imagine ANY justification for Drs. Sainfort and Jacko's behavior. It is the classic narcissism of high-flying CEOS and politicians who come to convince themselves that the rules no longer apply to them; rules are for the "little people." Which cool-aide have you been drinking from?


Completely disagree. Drs. Jacko and Sainfort are a disgrace to Public Health, health care and research. No matter how great they may be at researching, they suck at being human beings. Anyone who is as unethical and unprofessional as they are, can't be an inspiration to anyone. The indictment speaks for itself, there is more than enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty. Perhaps Hart VanDenBurg should receive a raise for telling it how it is and for shedding light on people who continue to commit fraud. What they have done is very serious and I hope that the maximum sentence is handed down.


From Mother Theresa Conseeta Lacheetah:

What's the friggin' problem???

Jacko and Sainfort paved the way for high paid careers in public health. Why can't you all just ENJOY this exciting phenomenon? Don't all the little people have enough?

Heck... most public health positions do not pay nearly as much as the $1/2 million combined salaries of these fine, smart, degreed individuals. I don't know why the bleeding heart public health professionals want to tear down those that are ultimately setting up the standards that will benefit the profession in the long run. Wouldn't YOU like to earn 4X's to 10X's your current salary as you coordinate poor non-profits, monitor cancer clinical trials, or plan for the response for the next influenza outbreak? Shame on all of you for thinking that these dollars could have been better spent. Why is protecting underserved populations more important that owning, say, a yacht? Come on health care professionals.... this is all nonsense. You don't have a union backing you.... so why not benefit from the Jacko and Sainfort- style collective bargaining? I appeal to all of you to wake up and smell the greenbacks.

When two individuals, Seniorita Jacko and Senor Sainfort, are so valuable that it is justified to pay them astronomical salaries instead of providing lifesaving medicines for people like... pediatric cancer unit patients... we should all sit up out of our hospital beds and pay attention... and pay them homage. Why? Because silly... they, yes those two, have awesome powers and must have done something right and they are just... well... err... darn well worth it! So, with that justification, we should all follow suit and support this salary trend to recognize and reward the smartest number crunchers among us.

Cheers! Here's to: Crunching health data... Data... DATA.... to get rich... Rich... RICH. It is wonderful... Wonderful... WONDERFUL!!! We would be blessed to have hundreds.... no.... dare I say... THOUSANDS of Jackos and Sainforts to look up to. Oh, what a world we would have then.

Signed... Mother Theresa


International Public Health Consumer Advocacy - Inspiration??? Seriously!!! For whom. Both of them are cruel human beings personally and professionally. They not only double dipped but they have double standards as well. They are really a disgrace to the institute and the university. The U actually doesnt have balls to take serious action against them.

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