Gay teen Lance Lundsten's death ruled a suicide

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Lance Lundsten's death has been ruled a suicide.
When Lance Lundsten, a gay high schooler from Miltona, died in January of this year, his death was initially reported as a suicide. The news rocketed around the internet -- another gay teen who took his life after reported bullying at the hands of other kids.

But Lundsten's famlily told the Alexandria Echo Press that he had died from a congenital heart condition. And though the Douglas County Medical Examiner denied making this statement to Lundsten's family, the Echo Press stuck with the story.

Today, word came back from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which performed a full toxicology screen on Lundsten. The finding? Lundsten died after ingesting a mixture of drugs. It was a suicide after all.

The finding is a vindication of sorts for KSAX, the local ABC News affiliate that first reported Lundsten's death as a suicide and followed up with interviews of current and former students who described a school atmosphere that tolerated bullying.

KSAX was criticized by some in the community, including Echo Press editor Al Edenloff, for portraying Alexandria in a negative light.

The Echo Press' coverage describing Lundsten's death as caused by an enlarged heart is presumably still available behind its pay-wall. So far the paper hasn't run a correction or any acknowledgment that his death was a suicide.

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Crying out loud. Now it works. Kirk, you're trying to equate the choice of a group of consumers made to boycott a company because of ethical judgements that that company made, to pointless bullying and sexual harassment that results in the death of a person. A few lost dollars in revenue is not equal to the death of a person. Further, how can a Libertarian complain that consumers are executing their one (the only, if the corporations had their way) inalienable right: to vote with their checkbooks. Isn't that the biggest mantra of Libertarianism? Free market bla bla bla? So, its bullying when gays do it to a company? That's not "fair and equal"? I find it difficult to navigate your logic.

The other point was in response to your statement: "I know someone who has spoken with Superintendent Carlson at Anoka-Hennepin, and had stated that there is absolutely NO evidence that" - this is textbook hearsay. You're saying, you heard, through the grapevine, that someone who has a huge vested interest in maintaining the status quo said there was nothing wrong? SHOCKING! What's next - will Dick Cheny tell us invading Iraq was a good decision? Will Michelle Bachmann make up a complete lie and try to pass it off on everyone as truth? Unbelievable!!

Finally, try a little perspective. Bullying Gays may be okay by you. But this isn't just bullying boys being boys, this is essentially sexual harassment. How would you react if every time your daughter walked down the hallway the jocks would snap her bra, throw her books down the hallway and catcall her as she bends over to pick them up? How long is that allowed to go on before someone steps in?

To your question: Are there no Libertarians in the house? the answer is in short - no. Because claiming that 'voting with the checkbook' by gays against target constitutes "bullying" means that you believe they shouldn't have that right. And that, according to the tenets of the Libertarian faith, is Heresy. (Not Hearsay - which is what your interaction with the guy who knows the superintendent is.)


Where the heck is my comment? No rude language, no personal attacks. I'm disquieted. Is the expression "Bra snapping" banned?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

The GLBT folks have been trying to associate the recent rise in student suicides in Anoka-Hennepin to the bullying of gay or lesbian students. I know someone who has spoken with Superintendent Carlson at Anoka-Hennepin, and had stated that there is absolutely NO evidence that ANY of these tragedies were related to such bullying.

Anoka-Hennepin has a policy of neutrality when it comes to sexuality. Our kids are at school to learn math, science, reading, writing, and history.

It has become blatantly obvious that the "anti bully" crowd is and has clearly shown that they themselves are bullies. Remember Target?In the perception of the GLBT; You DO and WILL fund our annual gay "Pride fest" (sponsored by Target), But we be damned if you provide any funding for someone like Tom Emmer or we will protest!!!!Are they TRULY calling for "Fair and equal treatment"? "Fair or equal opportunity"?Ha, Ya right!

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Great point here kirk no wonder you are well known as the clearest thinker besides me on city pages. Gay people are the bullies. I remember the time I was hiding in the bushes spying on that gay rally and then those bullies dared to act like that was somehow weird.

Digging deeper into kirk's logic only proves what bullies liberals, gays, and the lamestream media are. We get all this reporting about gay teens dying but where are all the stories of the Target CEO's that have killed themselves? No doubt the evil and hatred gay people expressed towards Target resulted in the deaths of a 100 or more Target executives. Please kirk, shut these liberals up and tell us the name of just one Target executive that committed suicide over the evil gay bullying. Please kirk, just one name to win the argument. I know you aren't some hate filled monster that would compare bullying that resulted in the death of a child with the protests against a group of rich powerful executives unless you had a good reason. Until the lamestream media reports on the CEO suicides they should shut up about the stupid gay children. Who cares about dead kids if they are gay? There are CEOs getting bullied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS????

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

You'll have to excuse me for not believing your friend, or the superintendent. How many more gay kids are going to be bullied to death before Anoka/Hennepin pulls their heads out of their collective asses?

Sorry, you'll have to repeat that. Your voice is muffled.

I hope that when they look back at this in another 5, 10, 15 years, or however long it takes, that they are sufficiently ashamed for ever believing this "neutral" policy worked. (And this is still not going to bring back kids like Lance.)

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

WTF is the matter with you?"Who cares about dead kids if they are gay?" I understand you're only a liberal posing as Michele, but hey, are you F N sick?

Think of all those whom went through bad relationships.Think of all those whom ended their lives due to that "bad breakup".Should we enact laws to say "all breakups HAVE to be civil, and under agreement of both parties"?

Are their NO libertarians in the house?ENOUGH GOVERNMENT ALREADY!!!

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

I am no stupid liberal. I was agreeing with you. Remember: There is no evidence the dead kids killed themselves because they were gay. The gays are the real bullies because they picked on Target. Wasn't that your exact point kirk? I mean c'mon I may not read the healthcare bill but I read your post. I'm still waiting on one of those names of the Target CEO that killed themselves. C'mon kirk, prove your point that gay people are the real bullies. Why won't you provide that info? I'm pretty sure I was exactly aligned with your point of view. I'm sure as a small government conservative just like me you stand with me in calling Obama a socialist gangster tyrant for not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act.


Dude, you're reading citypages. If you want to find libertarians you need to go read the wall street journal or

Deep breaths there Kirk. Lets take your arguments one by one: "I know someone who has spoken with Superintendent Carlson at Anoka-Hennepin, and had stated that there is absolutely NO evidence that..." I'm just going to stop you there. This is called "Hear-say" You heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy...a guy who happens to have a huge vested interest in denying that there is anything wrong with the status quo.

"Policy of neutrality bla bla bla" no, they don't. No school has a policy of neutrality. They all have very robust anti-sexual harassment policies. If your daughter had her bra snapped every time she walked down the hallway by some lascivious jock, would you tolerate it? Should the school? What if they smacked her around a little bit? Is that okay?

Okay finally, "Remember Target...etc etc point being 'that's bullying too.'" This is almost the most ill-deduced comparisons I've seen today, and I work in media so I see a lot of stupidity. A "libertarian" like yourself claims that it is "bullying" for a group of consumers to boycott something hen they disagree (strongly) with a decision made by that company? Are YOU saying that people shouldn't be allowed to choose where they shop? That almost sounds like you're trying to tell them how to live their life!

The Grand Wizard ought to kick you out of Conservative school.

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