Hennepin County: Not so healthy, but it could be worse

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It looks pretty healthy, right?
Hennepin County is the most populous county in Minnesota. It encompasses a city that regularly breaks the Top 10 in all sorts of quality of life studies. But if you want the healthiest county, you're going to need to look west.

According to a University of Wisconsin study, Lac qui Parle County, population 7,259, ranks top in Minnesota health outcomes, the study's measure of a county's overall health.

Put it down to a lot of clean country living.

Hennepin County ranks 48 out of 85. Not great by any measure, but things could be worse: Ramsey County ranks 59.

The least healthy county in the state: Cass.

Some of the factors that went into the study include measures of smoking, diet and exercise, alcohol use, and risky sex behavior, and socio-economic factors including levels of education, employment, income, family and social support, and community safety. Environmental quality also mattered.

What's the secret in LqP?

"Livin' on a farm ... you're workin' hard. You're always constantly moving here and there, so doing more physical things," Bellingham farmer Robert Radermacher told KSAX.

Just as soon as county seat Madison is named the Best Bike City In America, we'll be jealous.

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Scott Huseth
Scott Huseth

I'm having trouble finding the point of this article. The title seems to be based around Hennepin County yet it doesn't really tell much information about why or how it's unhealthy enough to be mentioned in the title. The most unhealthy county was only mentioned in one sentence and that was simply to state that it was the most unhealthy. There is just no solid direction to this article, it just states Hennepin County is basically average amongst all other counties and then shoots us a generic quote from a farmer. I realize whoever wrote this article probably works and lives in Hennepin county but you shouldn't make that the basis of your entire article.

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