James O'Keefe punks National Public Radio

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O'Keefe strikes again.
James O'Keefe and the other merry pranksters at Project Veritas have a found another target: National Public Radio.

Two of O'Keefe's cohorts, Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar, met with a pair of NPR executives last month under the guise of being members of the Muslim Education Action Center, which Adeleye and Templar explained was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unknowingly on hidden camera, outgoing NPR Foundation President Ron Schiller said a few thing he's probably regretting about now.

As far as we can tell, he didn't recruit Minnesota's very own teabugger, Joe Basel, for this outing.

Schiller says Republicans are uneducated xenophobes.
"The current Republican Party is not really the Republican Party," said Schiller. "It's been hijacked by this group that is --"

"The radical, racist, Islamaphobic, Tea party people?" offered one of his guests.

"And not just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic," continued Schiller. "I mean, basically they are -- they believe in this sort of white, middle-America, gun-toting...I mean, it's scary."

After calling Republicans gun-toting xenophobes, Schiller removed his "NPR hat" and "talked personally."

Schiller went on to explain his feeling that there was an "anti-intellectual move" promoted in the Republican Party. On the contrary, Liberals today are much more educated, and share more fair opinions.

"I like it when you take your NPR hat off," one of Schiller's guests remarked.

Betsy Liley, another NPR executive, is also featured in the video, though Schiller is the one who spends the bulk of the meeting word vomiting. Project Veritas has published the entire video on its website, but here's the abbreviated version:

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Kryptonite to Stupid
Kryptonite to Stupid

Why  call them Teabaggers? Because you disagree? 

 Why not change the name of City Pages to Extreme Left Whack Job Pages then?


I hope Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart for his doctored video forgeries against her turns over some interesting stones. For instance, how is O'Keefe able to stay out of jail for attempting to bug a US Senator? Who's footing the bills for O'Keefe? Who is helping him arrange the logistics to set up his traps? Who's selecting the targets and preparing the false pretenses? Where this trail leads will be interesting indeed.


the current republican party might just as well go back to the democrat party from whence they came 150 yrs ago. i would happily see the teabaggers go their own way and not be cluttered by the quislings who have been filling the "conservative" chairs for the past 70 years

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I just love this sort of thing! Expose 1 panhandling liberal liar a day, and keep taxes at bay!

Best part; "NPR’s Ron Schiller admits NPR funding not needed for NPR to survive!!!!

And yet liberal liars like Betty Mccommie say: GOP budget would end PBS / NPR funding and thus Kill Big Bird.

Learning moment here people!Tell you one thing while panhandling for money because they're "going to die" without your financial help, and in turn running off to the liberal kool-aid store to further their addiction to YOUR MONEY.

Betty McCommie (McCollum), your a piece of steaming crap! How many times did Citypages run with her story as truth? "GOP is killing Big Bird"

One big F'N ponzi scheme!


O'Keefe for President!

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