Jenn Sterger sues manager Phil Reese for return of Brett Favre sexts

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Sterger wants the sexts back.
For months we've been waiting for Jenn Sterger to file a lawsuit in the wake of the Brett Favre sexting scandal, and now she has. But in another strange turn to an already bizarre story, she's suing her manager, Phil Reese, and not the retired Vikings QB with itchy cell phone thumbs.

Reese is alleged to be holding onto Favre's sexts and won't give them back, plotting to use them for a book on the scandal -- after she and Reese created a partnership to exploit Favre's misdeeds in a book together.

The partnership's name? "A Game of Inches."

... whose sole purpose was the pursuit of "economic opportunities relating to Jenn Sterger, including but not limited to, the publication of a book regarding her dealings with Brett Favre and the National Football League."

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Sterger appears in a promo video on the website of Reese's PR company.
But Sterger has evidently had a change of heart about the book: She doesn't want to move forward with the project, and she wants the Favre documentation returned. Reese is accused of not relinquishing the materials, which are Sterger's property. She thinks he's going to cash in.

The storm over the sext messages, which Sterger claimed included pictures of Favre's penis, turned the quarterback's 20th and final year in the NFL into a running joke. Favre eventually admitted sending text messages to Sterger, but not photos, and he stonewalled an NFL investigation into the matter that ended with a paltry $50,000 fine.

At the time, Reese called the fine "an affront to all females."

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