Kevin Love's double-double streak is over

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kevin love streak ends.jpg
Streak over, Kevin Love sits down.
One of the few good narratives about the Timberwolves this season just got flushed down the drain. Kevin Love's consecutive double-double streak is over.

The Golden State Warriors shut down his four-month, 53-game record and hammered the Wolves 100-77 on Sunday night.

Love managed 12 rebounds but only six points, stymied by Golden State's David Lee. When he finally sat down with 4:08 left on the clock, Warrior fans taunted him with chants of, "Your streak's over."

"It's extremely impressive. You just look at how long it's been, and you know he's a part of every opposing team's game plan," Wolves coach Kurt Rambis said after the game. "It's not like it's been easy for him. It's been very, very difficult to get those numbers, night in and night out. That was an incredible run, but there's no reason to think that he's not going to start another one."

The Wolves, meanwhile, have fallen to 17-51 on the season.


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