Kobe's T-Wolves advice right on the money: Comment Of The Day

kobe bryant wiki.jpg
Kobe Bryant dispenses wisdom.
We got an earful of advice from the Lakers' Kobe Bryant the other night about how the Timberwolves need to hold on to their core stars if they're ever going to amount to something more than a laughing stock.

Comenter Malone agrees:

I think Kobe's comments are right on the money - gotta keep the crew together. I listen to Lakers talk every night on the drive home from work and they make such a huge deal about the importance of veteran leadership (Kobe, Fisher, etc) - especially as the season gets near the playoffs and obviously in the playoffs. When you constantly 'start over' or 'rebuild' you have demolished any type of foundation and always pouring new concrete. That is no way to build a sustainable franchise.

What do you think? Hold onto Love, Johnson and Beasley? Let us now in the comments.

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