Larry David Twigg wants student chocolate-syrup shower charges dropped

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Larry David Twigg, bad teacher.
Larry David Twigg had an unusual assignment for the 17-year-old boy from West High School in Waterloo: Come on over to the house, take your clothes off and have a chocolate syrup shower.

The boy completed the homework. But Twigg, a 53-year-old former computer teacher, was charged with six counts of lascivious conduct with a minor.

Now he wants the charges dropped.

Twigg was satisfying his weird sexual cravings with the student for a few months, according to Waterloo PD. He was arrested this time last year, and lost a job a short time later.

But Twigg's attorney now says a mental health evaluation showed his client didn't intend to commit a crime, and that a psychiatrist hired by the state will testify that Twigg's acts weren't sexually motivated.

He's not claiming the chocolate syrup showers didn't happen. So maybe Twigg was just angling for desert.

And we thought it was just Wisconsin that was weird.

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Larry David Twigg:Dude needs to curb his enthusiasm for underage boys.

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