Liz Neuman refused help before James Arthur Ray sweat lodge death, witness says

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James Arthur Ray: "Spiritual warrior" guru or common criminal? Take your pick.
Laura Tucker, who survived the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge debacle that killed three people in 2009, testified today that Liz Neuman of Apple Valley refused help before being pulled from the ceremony's tent.

Lawyers defending the self-help guru from reckless manslaughter charges say that Tucker's testimony undermines accusations that Ray failed to help his $9,000-a-pop clients when their fake Indian ceremony turned into hell on earth.

Ray's accused of ignoring pleas for help during the ceremony, and browbeating the "spiritual warriors" into staying in the tent as people began passing out, falling on superheated rocks, and, in two cases, dying right on the spot.

No one helped Neuman because they didn't know she needed help, Ray's lawyers said.

How could anyone expect Neuman to be lucid in the inferno-like tent when she'd already been fasting for at least a day, prosecutors countered.

She was eventually pulled from the sweat lodge, only to die nine days later in a Flagstaff hospital.

Tucker's testimony capped the first week of Ray's trial, which is expected to drag on for weeks, if not months.


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