"Scott" will call glass box at Mall of America home for a month

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scott head shot.jpg
"Scott" sets a good example.
We don't know who "Scott" is, but we're going to learn a lot about him in the next 30 days because he's going to live in a glass box at the Mall of America.

We do know he's 45 years old, and lives somewhere in the Twin Cities. But his name is being kept secret out of privacy concerns -- even though he's going to be on public display like a shark in the nearby aquarium.

This so-called "Human Do.ing" stunt is the brainchild of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota's "Do" campaign. That's the same campaign featuring the "do-groove" guy in the sweater vest on TV dancing around a doctor's office waiting room.

scott moa kitchen.jpg
Scott's kitchen.
Looking at the photos of the guy's home, we have to say that this is the plushest glass box going. He's got a flat screen TV, a fancy kitchen, plush bed and some decorative touches.

scott moa tv.jpg
Scott's entertainment system.
"Scott" set up shop today on the mall's main level, between Nordstrom and Macy's, and live in his box until April 16, so people can watch him eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Thankfully, his bathroom will be hidden from view.

Can "Scott" last out the 30 days in his box? You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook and see if he cracks up before deadline.

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