Men's Journal names Minneapolis one of America's coolest cities

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Minneapolis makes the grade.
Yesterday we found out we lived in the best American city to find a job.

Today, Minneapolis is the "Best Place to Live in a Big City Designed for Getting Outside," according to Men's Journal.

Not a bad week so far. Especially since last month we were named one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

How did the glossy mag, last in these parts to name Brett Favre a "drama queen," reach such a judgment?

mens journal minneapolis.jpg
Yep, we're cool.
Along with 17 other cities, we traffic in general awesomeness. Heck, even Fargo gets a nod -- as the best place to forget about the recession.

These 18 towns are perfecting the art of living well -- places where conservation is more important than development, bike makers and breweries and farmers markets thrive, and Whole Foods is considered a big-box store.

All our usual neat stuff gets a mention: The bike love, the parks, the farmers' markets. We have "a bit of multicultural hipness," with an "eclectic arts district," and we "know how to live well, too." Angry Catfish bike and coffee shop owner Joshua Klauck gets named "model citizen." Stephen Regenold, the local Gear Junkie writer, waxes poetic about the zen of winter endurance.

Cool. But then MJ really went overboard:

Minneapolis's endemic love affair with water and woods -- and playing in both -- has always driven city planning. Parkland, the Mississippi River, Minnehaha Falls, and a chain of 22 lakes have been part of the city's fabric since its inception. Today, Minneapolis has so many parks that no resident is farther than six blocks from green space.

A chain of 22 lakes? What? The Chain of Lakes officially comprises Cedar Lake, Brownie Lake, Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. That's, um, five. Maybe the editors threw the potholes on Lyndale into the count, just to run up the numbers.


Here's the MJ cover, complete with Jake Gyllenhaal:


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I can agree with Men's Journal. I think this town has a great feel to it, with the attractions of a big city, yet still small enough to make it feel welcoming and relaxing. Only real problem is, it is only a half year town. Winters are long and brutal here, and it is a shame because if the Twin Cities had a more moderate climate this place would be a Mecca.


Dude, even Omaha's getting some serious respect these days, so calling Minneapolis a "cold bland Omaha" just doesn't have the punch it used to.


They've obviously never been here to this bland, cold Omaha where we love to pat ourselves on the back for having bike lanes....


some people don't consider the winter a problem.learn to enjoy it or get the fuck out, but hating life 8 months a year because it's cold is good for no one.


bike lanes and trains are cool. What would be cool would be if the trains and bike lanes were self supporting and not paid for by motor vehicles, the larger but quieter majority. Then we would be - wait for it - "Supercool".


Yeah, John. You're not allowed to live here unless you LOVE it and go look at that cherry on the spoon thing and get misty eyed once a week.

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