Minneapolis 4th most socially networked U.S. city

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The next time people bump into you downtown while they finger their iPhones, or sit slumped over a laptop at a free-wifi coffeehouse like so many oldsters at casino slot machines, there's a good reason. They're helping Minneapolis become the 4th most socially networked city in the country.

Men's Health magazine figured out the rankings by adding up data on the number of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter users per capita, adding in the percentage of households that check out chat rooms and blogs, and figuring out where the traffic was coming from.

Washington, D.C. -- Schmooze City -- topped the list. And people, we can do better if we'd just stop talking to each other long enough to follow a few more strangers on Twitter and Facebook.

Don't go crazy, though. The magazine cites research on dopamine levels that suggests anyone who checks Twitter more than seven times an hour may be looking for an addictive hit.

The most socially networked cities:

1 Washington, DC
2 Atlanta, GA
3 Denver, CO
4 Minneapolis, MN
5 Seattle, WA
6 San Francisco, CA
7 Orlando, FL
8 Austin, TX
9 Boston, MA
10 Salt Lake City, UT

The least socially networked cities:

91 Billings, MT
92 Fort Wayne, IN
93 Bridgeport, CT
94 Detroit, MI
95 Fresno, CA
96 Bakersfield, CA
97 Lubbock, TX
98 Stockton, CA
99 Laredo, TX
100 El Paso, TX

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