New York Times calls Michele Bachmann the next Sarah Palin

We see the resemblance
We've long been saying that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have more in common than conservative opinions and a penchant for misstating the facts.

Now, the New York Times has pointed out the same truth. In a piece comparing the two Republican politicians' families, charisma, and crazy claims, Luisita Lopez Torregrosa makes the case that Bachmann is just as sound a candidate for the White House as Palin--maybe more so.

There are hard facts to support Bachmann's viability as a candidate, Lopez Torregrosa points out, starting with her impressive showing in a recent Gallup poll, where she was second only to Mike Huckabee in "positive intensity" among potential Republican presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, Palin has been slumping in the polls. And Bachmann has been traipsing around early primary spots: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina.

So if you think Bachmann the crazy woman is going away any time soon, read Lopez Torregrosa to find out exactly why you're wrong.

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STMA ALLthe Way!
STMA ALLthe Way!

Better Michelle Bachmann than the twit criminal O'bama. O'bama is a war mongering, blood thirsty war criminal. He needs to be impeached for violating the constitution. At least Bush lied to congress to get approval to go to war but he at least got congressional approval. Besides being better looking, Michelle Bachmann is smarter than O'bama because she knows where I live.

Go Michele - I will vote for you!

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