Rocio Rodriguez Nava accused of whipping daughter over Facebook account

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Rocio Rodriguez Nava.
Facebook can feel like freedom to a young teenager curious about the world, but to some worried parents it's more like the Wild West.

Maybe that's why, when Rocio Rodriguez Nava's 14-year-old daughter opened an account with the social network, she took the law into her own hands.

According to West St. Paul police, Nava said she'd given her daughter a direct order not to open a Facebook account. When Nava figured out her order was disobeyed, she exploded in rage, grabbed hold of an electrical cord, and whipped and slapped her daughter. [Read the complaint here.]

The welts on the girl's arms and thighs were hard to miss. She told police that she'd been struck so hard that she'd bled, and the cops found bloody tissues and the electrical cord at Nava's apartment.

And here's the other result of this blow up over Facebook: Nava was arrested in front of her daughter's school, arrested and booked on suspicion of malicious punishment of a child, and her daughter has been placed in foster care.

Nava faces up to a year in jail and a possible $3,000 fine if she's found guilty.

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you guys need to calm down yes she hit me but it was my fault because i was involved in a gang and im preety sure you guyz would whoop your kids if they were in sumthing like that i know i would so dont make it seem like it's her fault cuz it aint i should be the one up here instead.


shut the hell up cuz u dnt know me you be on sum dumb s*** so shut the F***


haha funny isnt it,well it aint so shut up b4 i find out whoo u are nd bust your cap nigga.

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