Scott Walker called to the border by 14 Wisconsin Democrats [UPDATE]

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Mark Riechers
It's not dead yet.
​Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been invited to the Illinois state line for a face-to-face meeting with some of the 14 Democratic state senators who won't give Republicans the quorum needed to pass their union-busting bill.

A showdown now that Walker's tanking in the polls?

In a letter to Walker and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller says he wants to resume "serious discussions" on Walker's budget bill, that includes a provision to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Walker hasn't responded to the invite because off politicking at The Dells.

The Wall Street Journal, citing Miller, ran with a story this morning saying that the 14 missing Democrats were soon going to return to Madison. But one of the 14, Chris Larson, took to his Facebook page to denounce the story as spin.

Update: At a press conference this afternoon, Walker said the idea of face time with Miller "ridiculous. And Fitzgerald accused Miller of not being the true leader of the Wisconsin 14.

Here's the letter from Miller:

Dear Governor Walker and Senator Fitzgerald:

Over the past several weeks we have witnessed an unprecedented public debate in Wisconsin over the value of public workers and the importance of collective bargaining rights. I write today to offer to meet, in-person, as soon as possible to resume discussions on how we reach a bipartisan solution to our differences on January 2011 Special Session Senate and Assembly Bill 11.

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Mark Miller: Let's get serious.
The working people of Wisconsin are deeply concerned about what the future holds for their families, and for the great state they call home. Now more than ever they are counting on us as leaders to work together to resolve our differences to move our state forward.

Since the bill's introduction, public workers have come forward to offer economic concessions and Democrats have offered a number of proposals to try to reach a bipartisan resolution.

I assure you that Democratic State Senators, despite our differences and the vigorous debate we have had, remain ready and willing to find a reasonable compromise. To that end, I would ask that you or your authorized representatives agree to meet with us near the Wisconsin-Illinois border to formally resume serious discussions as soon as possible.

The people of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly supportive of us reaching a bipartisan, negotiated compromise. Senate Democrats stand ready to do just that, we ask that you do the same.

Mark Miller
Senate Democratic Leader


Have you seen these senators?

Tim Carpenter.jpg
Tim Carpenter, 3rd Senate District.
Spencer Coggs.jpg
Spencer Coggs, 6th Senate District
Timothy Cullen.jpg
Timothy Cullen, 15th Senate District
Jon Erpenbach.jpg
Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate District
Dave Hansen.jpg
Dave Hansen, 30th Senate District
Jim Holperin.jpg
Jim Holperin, 12th Senate District
Robert Jauch.jpg
Robert Jauch, 25th Senate District

Chris Larson.jpg
Chris Larson, 7th Senate District
Julie Lassa.jpg
Julie Lassa, 24th Senate District
Mark Miller.jpg
Mark Miller, 16th Senate District
Fred Risser.jpg
Fred Risser, 26th Senate District
Lena Taylor.jpg
Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District
Kathleen Vinehout.jpg
Kathleen Vinehout, 31st Senate District
Robert Wirch.jpg
Robert Wirch, 22nd Senate District

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There's a fine line between stubborn and stupid. Walker has crossed well over into the latter. Democrats are rejoicing; the more extremist walker appears the deeper the hole that he diggs for himself and Republicans in general. His popularity in polls is tanking and working class people around the country are being awakened to: (as an old radio program once asked) "what evil lurks in the minds of" .....Republicans?The longer his stubborn treachery lasts, the more the public sees the true nature of Republican disregard for the middle class.

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