Scott Walker's "David Koch" phone fail: GOP seeks to outlaw prank calls

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Republicans don't want anyone getting "Koch'd" again.
Two Wisconsin Republicans insist up and down that their bill to outlaw prank phone calls has nothing to do with their governor being humiliated by a blogger posing as billionaire GOP financier David Koch.

rank calls are really scary, say Sen. Mary Lazich and Rep. Mark Honadel, whose bill would make it illegal for someone like Ian Murphy to punk Walker into exposing his strategy for trying to bust Wisconsin's public employee unions.

Listen: Wis. governor falls for prank call you wouldn't believe

Walker was punk'd by Ian "David Koch" Murphy.
"Spoofing is said to have some legitimate uses," Honadel's spokesman told The Daily Badger, but it can also be used to frighten, harass and potentially defraud people.

Link: Recording the prank call was legal. Here's why.

It can make a victim look really foolish in the national press, too. Especially when the call goes on for 20 minutes while a tape recorder picks up the whole conversation. But Lazich and Honadel say they were working on similar legislation last year, which proves they're not trying to protect Walker from his own gullibility.

Unless maybe they knew what was coming.


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Sophia Green
Sophia Green

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Let me posit that Lazich and Honadel (doesn't that sound like a really great soap company?) are psychics. I mean, it's all there. Since they were working on this legislation last year, that's all it could be, and of course they're trying to hide their super powers from the satanic liberals right now. Their next obvious step would be to levitate the capitol building in Madison whenever the Democrats try and go in. Just watch.

Common Sense
Common Sense

I say we outlaw stupid instead...would solve the Scott walker problem among many others.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

This is a great idea. Once again the Republicans are proving to be the party of freedom! I'm finally free from prank calls. Scumbag liberals don't have the freedom to embarrass Republicans via trickery. If you want to embarrass Republicans you will have to do it the old fashioned way, with a gay sex scandal.


Yeah, well, when they say they want to throw James O'Keefe and Joe Basel in jail, then I'll believe they aren't selling some partisan snake oil Until then, I'd say they're just a couple of hacks huffing and puffing because their guy is too stupid to not blow his cover.

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