Shannah Henderson of Lakeville is a finalist for Charlie Sheen's #TigerBlood internship

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Shannah Henderson thinks she can handle anything Sheen throws at her. Literally.
Who would want to be Charlie Sheen's social media intern? Shannah Henderson, that's who.

The U of M junior is one of 50 finalists vying for the job, and the Lakeville native wants this. Bad.

"I'd just love to be telling all his followers and fans about his daily going-ons in his life," she says. "I love Charlie Sheen. I think he's really inspirational."


Sheen famously joined Twitter mid-meltdown and gained a million followers in record time. That gave him the idea to hire a paid social media intern, which he eloquently described in a posting on

"Do you have #TigerBlood? Are you all about #Winning? Can you #PlanBetter than anyone else? If so, we want you on #TeamSheen as our social media #TigerBloodIntern!"

Henderson, who says she's had social media jobs with Verizon and Dell, stumbled across the ad during her spring break and applied immediately--in Tweet-form of course. In 140 characters of less, she described why she'd be best for the job.

"I'll keep the Sheeniacs salivating for more controversy," she vowed.

In the next round, #TeamSheen asked her to provide links to all her social media sites--Facebook, Twitter (@shannahend), and LinkedIn. And finally, they asked her to submit a short video explaining how another company is effectively using social media. Henderson chose the Mayo Clinic:

In the meantime, Henderson started tweeting up a storm and says she gained 70 followers with her constant barrage of Sheenisms. Some of her favorites include:

Sheen needs to open a college so I can get my major in #WINNING and my minor in Troll Studies @tigerbloodntern @charliesheen #fastballless than a minute ago via web

Obscene, keen, mean, clean (yes he is!), pristine, green ($), women think hes a dream...there's no one like @charliesheen! @tigerbloodnternless than a minute ago via web

After all that, she just found out she's risen to the top 50 from a pool of about 750,000. She'll be notified in the next couple of days if she's advancing on to the fourth round, though at this point she's not sure what the job would entail or if she'll have to relocate to L.A.

"I'll most likely have to be around Charlie Sheen a lot," she says. "I know the Hollywood lifestyle gets really crazy. If I get the job I'll never let myself get sucked into it."

Understandably, Henderson's boyfriend has been vocally unhappy about her possible new gig, and we were also curious if Henderson had any misgivings about working for someone with such a long history of headlines about shabby treatment of women.

"It doesn't bother me--I mean, of course it bothers me, because that's a big issue," she says. "I'm not trying to think too much about everything he's done."

And if any of that TigerBlood-fueled aggression gets thrown her way?

"I can totally handle myself," she says. "I'm a very tough girl and I have very high morals."

She may not fit in with the Goddesses with an attitude like that.

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Rich Henderson
Rich Henderson

Ignore haters. They don't benefit anyone at anytime. They're just mean people. Rack up your followers on Twitter at @shannahend

Rich Henderson
Rich Henderson

Good luck Shannah! Ignore the haters! You know what good P.R. is all about. You could positively promote anyone or anything. Hope you get lots of followers on Twitter at @shannahend and lots of viewers of your video at


This will most likely be a temporary position.


I was sick of Charlie Sheen weeks ago and the (s)hits just keep on comin'.

Seriously, I've decided that asking someone their opinion of Charlie Sheen is a perfect benchmark for their sanity and perception.

You think he's inspirational? Oh, ok, good. So I can mark you down as 'Stupid'...

What is inspirational about Charlie Sheen, a B-list celebrity who hasn't put out a decent piece of work for a full decade? "Two and a Half Men" got cancelled and I gave some deep consideration to renting out a nightclub and throwing a party. Nearly every show on CBS gives me reason to lose faith in humanity as a whole. I'm sorry, but 'Cadence' and 'Red Dawn' do not make up for the constant stream of shit on that man's imdb page.

He dug himself a hole, screamed when someone tried to hold him accountable and now he's running around spouting utter nonsense and he gets treated like some sort of visionary.


(But, vitajex, how do you REALLY feel...?)


"I'm not trying to think too much"

You said it Shah Nah!

sheen hater and proud of it!
sheen hater and proud of it!

I agree - anyone who thinks Charlie Sheen is anything but a LOSER (yeah, that's right, not winning!!!!) needs to reevaluate themselves. Charlie and "his followers" should move to a compound in TX and drink the Kool-Aid, or better yet Sheen should just OD already and get it over with and then we don't have to hear about him any more.

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