Tim Pawlenty announces committee to explore presidential bid [VIDEO]

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He's now officially looking into it.
It's official: Tim Pawlenty is formally considering running for president.

In just the type of bombastic, over-the-top video we've come to expect from T-Paw -- complete with a patriotic score, quick shots of American flags blowing in the wind, and jets flying in formation over head -- Pawlenty officially announced that he is forming an exploratory committee for a possible presidential bid.

Only Pawlenty would go to such extravagant lengths to announce that he's looking into running for president.

The video, which premiered on Facebook this afternoon, begins with Pawlenty telling of his youth in a much humbler Minnesota than exists today.

"I grew up a few miles from here," says Pawlenty. "And back then, it was home to some of the world's largest stockyards and meat-packing plants."

Simple enough. But about halfway through, the video takes a turn for the dramatic. That patriotic music in the background starts getting louder. The shots get quicker. Pawlenty starts in on an intense political message dripping with cliches.

"We need to encourage the dreamers, and innovators, the small business owners, the hard workers, the brave men and women throughout this country's history that have asked for nothing more than the freedom to work hard and get ahead, without government getting in the way!" proclaims Pawlenty.

Suddenly, a mysterious crowd breaks into applause and cheers that only grow louder. Pawlenty begins shaking hands with everyone. Camera flashes are coming from every direction, because we all know Pawlenty can't get rid of those damn paparazzi!

"We, the people of the United States, will take back our government!"

It's another T-Paw masterpiece.

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    "...without GOVERNMENT getting in the way!" ("government" spoken like a dirty word.)

    If he hates "government" so much, why is he part of it?...Because as a Republican, all he really wants is to kill all government. When will Americans wake up?


    T-Paw as President? not sure if i like that very much. Minnesotans know better than anyone else in this country that Pawlenty is nothing but a hack for trying to appease the broadbase of the Republican Party and the Tea Party faction. seriously. he used to be all right during his first term than all of a sudden he does a total flop from what he used to stand for. he's our Minnesota's biggest flip-flop since Norm Coleman went from Democrat to Republican in the 90s.

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