Tim Pawlenty attacks Obama's healthcare as "one of the most flawed and misguided laws in modern history"

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Matt Visionquest
Bravepaw tweets his feelings on Obamacare.
Tim Pawlenty just excitedly tweeted that we should all check out his statement on the "1 yr anniversary of Obamacare."

For such a momentous twitterduction, the statement is decidely brief--just about three tweets worth of text. In it, Pawlenty calls Obama's healthcare reforms "one of the most flawed and misguided laws in modern history."

Really? The most flawed and misguided law in modern history? Let's put that to the test in the jump.

Here's the tweet:

Check out my statement on the 1 yr anniversary of Obamacare here: http://bit.ly/i0Csuuless than a minute ago via HootSuite

And here's the statement it links to:

One year ago today, President Obama signed into law the Federal government takeover of health care, one of the most flawed and misguided laws in modern history. Obamacare takes our health care system in the wrong direction, failing to reduce costs and improve quality. The law infringes on individuals' and states' rights by forcing individuals to purchase a good or service, which is why I joined a lawsuit calling the law unconstitutional. If courts do not do so first, as President, I would support the immediate repeal of Obamacare and replace it with market-based health care reforms.
As for that fact-check: Is providing healthcare for millions of people really worst than The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

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