Tim Pawlenty Episode III: Revenge of the Tea Party [VIDEO]

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T-Paw releases the trailer for his third movie, and this time it's personal.
With their third installment, T-Paw's media shop is really getting the hang of these widescreen campaign ads movie trailers, with their sweeping landscapes, pumping fists and fluttering flags.

Next up, Episode III, "Revenge of the Tea Party," in which T-Paw, far from his Minnesota roots, grows close to a militant movement claiming to be the only legitimate heirs to America's Founding Fathers.

In just over a minute, as the drumbeats grow louder, the trumpets reach a crescendo and rapt audiences cheer him on, Pawlenty's handlers frame him and the Tea Party as the logical extension of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and God's will.

Subtext: Michele Bachmann need not apply for the White House job.

It's all quite stirring. But then again, you know what they say about successful theater: It depends on the willing suspension if disbelief.

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