Tim Pawlenty's ridiculous movie trailers get the Colbert treatment

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Pawlenty's Hollywood bombast gets the treatment it deserves.
Tim Pawlenty has been working really hard to shuck off his image as a milquetoast charisma-vacuum, first with the heroic stylings of his new book, and more recently with a series of self-promotional Hollywood trailers.

City Pages has been doing its best to help Pawlenty get the word out that he's actually an action hero, but that effort got a big bump last night from a national figure: Stephen Colbert.

Colbert, clearly impressed with T-Paws work, showed both his action-thriller-ads in its entirety.

"Wow! Tim Pawlenty may not be running for president of the United States," Colbert says after screening the first one. "But he is clearly running for president of the next Transformers movie."

"The epic scale of this thing is incredible," Colbert says. "It makes Pawlenty seem almost life-sized!"

All true, but nothing here City Pages hadn't already pointed out. Colbert does bring something fresh to the table though: he tracked down footage of the speech that sounds so devastatingly epic in Pawlenty's ad.

Suffice it to say, minus the deep-impact percussion and soaring orchestration, Pawlenty doesn't come isn't exactly an oratorical colossus.

As Colbert says, "It sounds like he was speaking at a conference room at the Day's Inn."

Then Colbert takes his own stab at the genre T-Paw is pioneering. The result is epic on a scale you have to see to believe.

You can watch the whole clip here:

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You think JFos747? Of course he wasn't complimenting TPaw. Colbert was being ironic and doing what he does best. Shining a light on the idiotic posturing and dialogue coming from the right and the left.



"It makes Pawlenty seem almost life sized," is not a compliment. Colbert is a comedian, the movie spoof was patronizing Pawlenty's movie, Colbert obviously has zero respect for Pawlenty and his tactics

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