Twin Cities bike rider numbers skyrocket

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Nice Ride played a big role in boosting the numbers.
More proof that we're the most bike-friendly city in the country: Bicycle riding numbers here shot up 33 percent in the three-year span 2007 to 2010, according to a new report from Bike Walk Twin Cities.

We're hoofing it more, too. Walking increased 17 percent in the same period.

The organization says it performed counts at 30 locations. Some of the highlights:

  • Combined Sabo Bridge and Hiawatha light-rail crossing: 148 percent increase
  • Cedar Lake Trail, under I-394: 96 percent increase
  • Riverside Avenue, east of Cedar Avenue: 90 percent increase
  • Midtown Greenway, west of Hennepin Avenue: 79 percent increase

New bike lanes and bridges helped boost the numbers, according to Joan Pasiuk, the Bike Walk program director. And the bike share program Nice Ride Minnesota played a big role, too.

Even better news for grumpy pedestrians: The boost in ridership on bike paths has meant less bike riding on sidewalks. [Full report here.]


Growth map:

Bike Walk Twin Cities
The map shows the areas with the biggest gains.

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