Bad week for WCCO: First Dayton, now Gophers

"The Good Neighbor" has a bad week.
Can you still be a "Good Neighbor" if everyone's moved away?

Yesterday, we learned that WCCO-AM failed in its bid to snag Gov. Mark Dayton for a regular weekly radio show. Today, the University of Minnesota announced it was pulling the plug on its long-standing sports broadcasting deal with WCCO.

Gophers football coverage will move to Clear Channel's KFAN Sports Radio 1130 AM and KTLK 100.3 FM, while Hubbard Broadcasting's 1500 AM ESPN Radio picks up men's and women's basketball, and men's hockey games.

"We evaluated all of our broadcast options based upon many factors, including financial commitment, marketing support, listener demographics, and ancillary programming," AD Joel Maturi says. "We believe these partnerships represent the best overall platforms for Gophers sports on radio."

WCCO, which also lost its Twins deal a few years ago, now has just a single sports franchise: The Minnesota Wild.

The new contracts start with the 2011-12 athletic season.

Maybe instead of asking about whether Congress should fund National Pubic Radio this morning, yakker John Williams should be asking how WCCO is going to fill all that dead air.

Should Congress fund Public Radio & TV. John Williams talks about this in the 10 o'clock hour. than a minute ago via web

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

But but but, we here at WCCO have done everything we could do to support you Mark. We've have lied, skewed and even conjured up anything we could on your Republican challenger to help you out. We have even ignored, or sometimes went so far as to portray your "job killing" policies as "lolly pops & rainbows". Now this is how you repay us?Damn you Mark!

Lets see, how should I say it to ya WCCO? Hows it feel chhuuummmmps!

Hey Hart, up top you have this listed under - "Categories: Media is evolving".Evolving from what, into what?Oh I get it - Evolving from a democrat boot licker; now evolving to a unbiased journalists

Hows the coffee smell, after the rude awaking known as the "Dayton dick slap in the face" WCCO?

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