Zeke Dahl ran for mayor of Austin then stole $8,000 from his grandma

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Zeke Dahl was turned in by his own grandmother.
Last summer, Zeke Dahl told the Austin Daily Herald he wanted to be mayor to "bring America back. I want people to feel like they did after 9-11 when everybody was working together and our country was united."

Having come in dead last in the primaries, his patriotic outlook then included stealing $8,000 from his grandmother, who told the local police that Dahl had a nasty gambling habit.

No wonder people assume that politicians are crooks.

Granny first went to police in early December to complain that Dahl had filched the money from her bank account by forging checks and using her bank card. She said Dahl came clean, but added that her bank told her the only way she'd get the money back was to file a criminal complaint.

Dahl discovered that family loyalty only goes so far when you rip off your own grandmother. He got a call from the cops right before Christmas, and confessed. He's due to answer charges in Mower County Court later this month.

The good people of Austin must be thankful they didn't gamble on Dahl.

"I'm not afraid to get things done and ask the hard questions and do things differently," he told the Daily Herald in August. "If I ran my business like the government, I would be out of business."

Imagine would could have happened if he ran the government the way he ran his personal life.

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zeke dahl certainly appears to have made a mistake ,,but i think he would have made a fine mayor,,,,

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