2C-E: Senators want drug banned after Blaine mass overdose

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Trevor Robinson-Davis.
Perhaps one of the more surprising story lines to emerge from that mass drug overdose in Blaine a few weeks ago that killed Trevor Robinson-Davis, and sent almost a dozen other teenagers to the hospital, was that the drug they used, 2C-E, was bought legally on the internet.

Unsurprisingly, state lawmakers now want it added to the list of Minnesota's controlled substances.

Republican Sens. Dan Hall, Warren Limmer and Carla Nelson co-authored and introduced the amendment to SF 1092 today. It's been referred to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety committee. There's no companion legislation in the House as yet.

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Timothy Richard Lamere.
Twenty-one-year-old Timothy Richard Lamere has been charged with third-degree murder in the wake of the Blaine party that devolved into chaos and tragedy. Cops say he supplied his friends with the drug, and they found him lying a snow bank near the house, a pill bottle with traces of powder.

Unlike Robinson-Davis, he survived the ordeal.

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