April snow again? You betcha. Four inches predicted Tuesday

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Springtime in Minnesota.
This is the winter that just won't let go.

A winter storm watch is in effect, and the Twin Cities could see could see four inches of snow on the ground Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Another storm at the end of the week has a chance to throw snow our way, too.

In the middle of April? The weather gods are not smiling on us. In fact, if that snow storm does materialize, there's a good chance the Twin Cities could go on record for having the third snowiest winter ever.

NWS Chanhassen
April feels more like November.

That dusting on Friday pushed this winter into fourth place, with 85.3 inches. The winter of 1950-1951 holds down the No. 3 spot with 88.9 inches. No. 2 is 1981-1982, with 95 inches. The snowiest winter ever? 1983-1984, with 98.6 inches -- we're a long way from that record.

But as bad as another winter kick in the teeth feels, at least we're not cowering under tornado season yet. Down in North Carolina over the weekend, 62 twisters roared across the state and killed more than 20 people. So maybe we should count our blessings.

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Sofa King
Sofa King

jajajajajajaja. i love my hometown, but this place sucks.

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