Bachmann abandons birthers on ABC, backtracks on Fox

Bachmann: "Well then, that should settle it."
We keep asking why Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has such a hard time saying that Barack Obama is an American, and suddenly there she is on "Good Morning America," breaking her bond with the birthers.

But then we blinked.

During the interview, GMA host George Stephanopoulos called up Obama's birth certificate, along with all the details that make it a fully binding legal document, via FactCheck. There's nothing secret about it. The document is online for anyone to see. We've posted it numerous times.

Stephanopoulos: I have the president's certificate right here. It's certified, it's got a certification number, it's got the registrar of the state signed, it's got a seal on it and it says that this copy serves as prima fascia evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.
Thumbnail image for obama birthcertificatefold.jpg
Barack Obama's birth certificate.
Bachmann: Well, then that should settle it.

Stephanopoulos: Then it's over.

Bachmann: That's what should settle it. I take the president at his word and I think--again I would have no problem and apparently the president wouldn't either. Introduce that, we're done. Move on.

Stephanopoulos: So this case--this story's over.

Bachmann: Well, as long as someone introduces it, I guess it's over.

Stephanopoulos: It's right there.

Bachmann: Yup, there you go. Because that is not the main issue facing the United States right now.

That's a big leap from calling Obama's birth certificate a "facsimile."

But later on "Fox & Friends," after she'd seen the document in the public domain and the proof that it represents the fact of birth in any legal proceeding, she was back to insisting that the president "be forthcoming."

I take the president at his word if he said he was born there, he was born there. But again, this is a very solvable problem and the president is the only one who can solve it, be forthcoming and get it over with.

What's more forthcoming than a simple click of the mouse?

Bachmann and the Birthers:

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Wait. Isn't this the chick who says she didn't kill her chihuahua? No?


I'm just surprised that she sat down for an interview with one of those dirty, dirty Greeks. Doesn't she realize they INVENTED gay sex?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Look if Republicans relied on facts and logic to win debates we would never win debates. I have to appeal to Tea Party Republicans if I'm going to be President. Tea Party Republicans are a group that will only support the absolutely stupidest, craziest person in the race. Tea Party Republicans will appreciate that no matter how stupid and wrong George Stephanopoulos makes me look I'm still able to continue lying with no respect to the truth or civil debate. It also proves my true Christian values to keep lying for my own self interest despite overwhelming proof that I am a liar. I appreciate Tea Party Republicans for being so stupid they actually crave and worship a pathological liar like me. Tea Party Republicans are the true patriots in the USA. No matter what real problems we have, Tea Party idiots like me will continue to waste everyone's time by lying about the President. Why would I ever want to tell the truth about someone that disagrees with me?

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