CBS eyes Brad Childress for NFL Draft commentary

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He's back.
Former Vikings coach Brad Childress was run out of town last November in the wake of a total team collapse punctuated by Brett Favre's bum season and rumored infidelities, and the brief, boneheaded move to bring back Randy Moss.

But Chilly's back -- if you've got a broadband hookup. has hired him to sit in on a webcast with Dan Fouts and Randy Cross and gab about the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday.

Forget the 2010 mess for a minute. This is the man who drafted Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Brian Robison -- not such bad picks. He tells Sid Hartman that, were he still running the show, he'd be looking for a top offensive lineman. (Former Vikes QB coach Rich Gannon, meanwhile, tells Bob Sansevere the team ought to pick up not one, but two quarterbacks. And tight end Visanthe Shiancoe is working the Donovan McNabb talk.)

But it's Leslie Frazier's show now. The Vikings have the 12th pick in the first round on Thursday. Anyone care to guess what happens?


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"The Vikings have the 12th pick in the first round on Thursday. Anyone care to guess what happens?"

I would cheer the grab of a good defensive back in the first round and hopefully we pick up a quarterback in the second and third rounds. Then we size the QB's up, and trade one away by end of season for draft picks next year. It's a cut throat biz

Doesn't Chilly's head look as if it should be photoshopped into a chopped open door while saying "here's Johnny"?

------------------------------------------And from my partisan side-Then in the spirit of a good progressive liberal; we should also propose taxing sports figures incomes at 60-70% because they're evil rich guys whom don't deserve their "windfall profits" in which they barely worked for. Then we redistribute their income to some starving artist whom specializes in finger painting with their feces. Yeah, punish the successful!

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