Chad Henry Christie accused of forcing kids to "suck on his boobs"

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Dakota County Sheriff's Office
Chad Henry Christie.
Hastings dad Chad Henry Christie readily admits to police he has sexual issues and needs therapy, but when he plays "baby animals" with his kids and forces them to lip lock his nipples, it has nothing at all to do with sex. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Either way, he made both children "suck on his boobs," one of them told Hastings PD, and it was disgusting.

One of Christie's two kids went to the cops on Feb. 28 with the story about the "baby animals" game, and officers interviewed his brother to confirm the story.

Based on what they told police, the father was invited down to police HQ on March 2 for a chat with a social workers and a detective. He wasn't under arrest, they told him. He wasn't being forced to give a statement, and he could leave anytime he wanted. Instead, police say, he spilled the beans. [READ THE COMPLAINT.]

Christie admitted that when his children visit him at his residence that he sometimes plays "baby animals" with them, and he has both children suck on his nipples. He stated that this had occurred multiple times with both children. Christie denied that he had the children do this for any sexual purpose, but admitted that he personally had sexual issues and needed therapy.

Christie faces up to a possible $10,000 fine and five years behind bars if found guilty of mistaking "baby animal" games for felony child endangerment. He was released from custody on March 19, and his next court date is April 11.

The children are in counseling.

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