Chris Matthews gets a tingle from Michele Bachmann at Time 100 bash [PHOTO]

Mingling with the liberal media elite.
There was a time when Michele Bachmann's fans jeered at the way MSNBC's Chris Matthews dismissed her as a hypnotized zombie, and they cheered when she tweaked him on camera after her re-election.

So we're wondering what they think of her being caught on camera fraternizing with her (apparently) former arch enemy at the Time 100 bash in New York City.

Seriously, besides Rachel Maddow, is there anyone else at MSNBC who comes closer than the Hardballer to personifying the liberal media elite? And here he is, all cozy with the tea party queen:

Via FamousDC
Chris Matthews and Michele Bachmann make nice. Any guesses as to what they talked about?

More on Bachmann and the Hardballer:

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