Dave Thompson, GOP senator, rips taxes in Vikings stadium bill

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Ellerbe Becket
Your tax dollars at work?
In a simple statement today, assistant Senate majority leader Dave Thompson of Lakeville crystalized the thoughts of just about every critic of a proposed new taxpayer-supported stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

For a Republican controlled Legislature that swept into power on promises of low taxes, it's "inconceivable."

And hypocritical too?

"I acknowledge the Minnesota Vikings are a state asset. However, Republicans campaigned on the message of sensible government, low taxes and decreased regulation. The voters sent us a clear message.

Sen. Dave Thompson.
As legislators, we are making tough decisions relating to education, public safety and the health of our most vulnerable citizens. It is inconceivable that we would fund a stadium to help multi-million dollar athletes pay their mortgages while many middle class Minnesotans are struggling to pay theirs. The focus of the legislature should be on creating a business friendly environment that facilitates success for the Minnesota Vikings and every other job provider in our state."

The man sounds like a Democrat with all that fuss over budget cuts to "education, public safety and the health of our most vulnerable citizens." Never the less, it's a point he's raised consistently since this latest stadium bill went into circulation.

The bill was officially introduced on Monday. It would raise about a third of the construction costs through a sales tax on memorabilia, high-priced seats, "user fees," naming rights, and a Vikings-related lottery. The Vikings would be required to finance up one-third of the overall funding package, and the as-yet-undecided host city of the stadium would come up with another third of the cost.

Lawmakers have until May 23 to pass the bill, and they likely won't take it up until after Easter recess later this month. Think they can pull this off?


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

They WILL NOT pull this off

Spoke with State Rep. Peggy Scott on Tues Night, and she said this bill DOES NOT have enough votes to get out of conference and move to the floor. She also named several democrats whom WILL NOT be giving this a yes vote. (they're concerned this would further upset their constituents) She could give no explanation as to why some Republicans would sponsor this after hearing the message of voters last Nov. I think there is some sort of corruption in the form of "dick tickling" going on under the table. "Pad my pockets now, and I'll see to funding of your reelection campaign."

I find it funny how there is so many democrats, whom are constantly engaged in "tax the rich" and other class warfare are in support of this. OK, so we're supposted to "Tax the hell out of them", then "give them a bunch of money"? Do you have some sort of jock sniffing disorder that cuts deeply into your common sense and values? It's like giving your kids a lollipop after you punish them. Talk about taking from the poor to give to the rich! As Von Douchey said above; "And hypocritical too". Ya Hart, I think we're all starting to see that on both sides of the aisle, especially on this issue.


You'd think a sports franchise would be a prime example of how "trickle down" economics work for economic growth.

What, like Target and Best Buy never got any public funds?


A Republican that actually has a pair. Thank you Lakeville.

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

I think the legislators already know that the fastest way to motivate Minnesotans into researching our recall procedures would be to OK yet another sports stadium using tax dollars. But I'm sure the Star Tribune has some land they'd like to sell the lege, so who knows?

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