Did Pawlenty staffer Ben Foster lie to police about driving drunk?

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These guys are all about personal responsibility.
Benjamin Limbaugh Foster made political headlines for all the wrong reasons this week when the 24-year-old Pawlenty campaign staffer was caught drunk, vomiting, and attempting to break in to a residence in Ankeny, Iowa, at 3 am.

Apparently Foster, Pawlenty's first hire for his Iowa campaign operation, thought he'd made it back to the house where he's been staying, though he was actually about 10 miles off course. That's why he woke up a 15-year-old girl with his efforts to break in, and maybe why he yakked on the back deck.

But look, at least the kid took responsibility for his actions and told the truth to police officers when they showed up, right?

What seems to be the problem, ossifer?
Doesn't look that way.

According to the Ankeny Police incident report released yesterday, when officers responded to a 911 call at Stacy and Kevin Steward's house in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, they found Foster, being held at gunpoint by the alarmed homeowner.

At first, Foster told the cops that he'd been drinking and he'd been driving. Indeed, his car, with Alabama plates, was parked down the street.

But then Foster changed his tune.

"I asked Foster how he ended up in this neighborhood," Ankeny officer Mike Williams wrote in his report. "Foster stated that he and a friend had been drinking at a bar in Des Moines, and took a cab to his residence in Johnston. Foster stated that the person that drove him must have been confused. I asked Foster where his friend was at. Foster stated he did not know where his friend was at. I asked Foster how his car ended up at the end of the street. Foster stated he didn't drive it."

Remarkably, so far prosecutors seem to be taking Foster at his inconstant word. He's been charged with public intoxication and trespassing, but not drunk driving.

Tim Pawlenty is a law-and-order, personal-responsibility kind of guy, so you can imagine how he reacted to his operative's behavior. When news broke of Foster's drunken home invasion and vomit delivery service, Pawlenty handed out strongly, for penalty and repentance, a two-week suspension.

Read the police report after the jump:


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It is appalling that City Pages would try to destroy the name of a young man purely to have something for today's "we hate Republicans" article.

EliteS Uck
EliteS Uck

And the Mass State Police took Ted Kennedy at his word. He didn't know how that poor Mary Jo K got in the back seat of his car. The Mass State Police even let the body of Mary Jo leave the state without autopsy. Nothing ever changes - the elites get away with murdur - so to speak!


Actually it looks to me like the arch conservatives are actually the real group out to get this guy Pawlenty. Look at the incredible detail in the FOX News piece. It included the fact that Ben Foster was staying with Iowa Republican State Rep. Erik Hellan, "who was charged with drunken driving just last year" and the "reported fact" that Eric Hellan is also a Pawlenty supporter. Now no one but Republicans would have detail like that. Especially this seems true given that Pawlenty's campaign or Ben Foster himself basically erased Ben Foster from the web entirely. Gone are: facebook, twitter, flickr, linked, etc. Plus, this F'OX News report in Houston [not exactly local interest is it] goes on at great length with someone from an anti-Drunk Driving organization about DUI being a "violent crime" and about enabling, etc. All this is despite the fact that DUI was not actually charged yet at last look, and despite the fact that no one was actually hurt here. [Though it sure would be upsetting, and Foster is lucky the father didn't pull the trigger of his gun.] See http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dp...

I suspect they will have failed to make Pawlenty suffer over this, as now we are about to have a government shut down, and as long as these two young drunks keep their heads down, no one will notice them any more. After all George W. Bush was an inveterate drunk until well into his mid thirties, and he got elected President twice.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

When will City Pages develop some personal responsibility and just ignore all the drunk driving Republicans do. Tom Emmer, Ben Foster, Tripp Emmer, and Mark Buesgens have all been victims of the lamestream media smear machine. Drunk driving is a victimless crime. It's not like the real crimes Republicans care about like gay marriage.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Great point. Because cops did something wrong in the 1960s it completely excuses someone from drinking and driving in 2011. As a proud Tea Party Republican I support the right of all Republicans to drive drunk. Remember the moral and ethical code of Republicans, its never wrong or evil if a Republican did it. That's why I can constantly lie to my supporters and they never hold it against me. Let the liberals debate what it says about the mental power of people that just love getting lied to over and over and over and over and over and over again. Keep driving drunk Ben Foster, hit a kid or something it will be ok because a dead senator did it once.


Lets just leave Tommy Rukavina out of this. This kid was not elected, or convicted of anything. Gay marriage? Why don't you try to stay on topic. City Pages is trying to destroy this young man because they don't like Pawlenty. It is shameful.

Sarah P
Sarah P

I agree with John and don't see a problem with any of the Republicans who drive drunk. Tom Rukavina, on the other hand, is a coat of a different color, also.

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