Top Five ways Tim Pawlenty is just like Donald Trump

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Pawlenty and Trump: Not so different.
Tim Pawlenty has struggled to get attention for his presidential run with action movie promos and appearances with Jon Stewart.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump merely pretends to run and is the talk of CNN. T-Paw just can't win!

Perhaps the solution is for The Tim to point out all the ways that he's just like The Donald.

Here's five to get him started.

Both have really bitchin' hairdos.

The case of the disappearing mullet.
Sure, to look at Tim Pawlenty now, you'd think he selected his haircut from the Boring White Guy Collection, but it wasn't always so.

Back when he was just the humble governor of Minnesota, T-Paw sported a spectacular salad. Equally at home at the Republican National Convention or a Monster Truck Rally, Pawlenty's mullet was the envy of the State of Hockey.

Then he decided to run for president. T-Paw hacked off the mud flaps, and like Samson, instantly became much less interesting.

Now that Trump's helmet hair is all over CNN, Pawlenty might consider bringing back the Party in the Back. But this time, we'd suggest combing it forward into bangs.

Pawlenty and Trump are totally down with God.

If God doesn't make Trump prez, He's fired!
Tim Pawlenty grew up Catholic in South St. Paul and was born again as a Baptist, but here in Minnesota he didn't make a big deal out of it. An anti-abortion vote here, an anti-gay marriage vote there, yet the man was hardly a bible-thumper. That's all changed now that he's running for president and telling the religious right he's one of them.

Trump, meanwhile, grew up Presbyterian in New York City, began worshiping piles of cash in college, and now that he's sort-of running for president, he thinks that "religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion" -- no doubt because it's his religion. People shower him with bibles, he says. And he goes to church regularly--every Christmas, every Easter, and, well, "I'll go when I can."

Judging by the polls, Republicans prefer The Donald's brand of worship.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"appearances with Jon Stewart"What on earth could Tim say to Jon Stewart fans to get them to vote Republican?

And Trump, well he's is a big time social liberal and his foreign economic policies will drive up costs of all Chinese imports by 25% overnight.

Ron Paul for president 2012


You know, I would be much more critical of these idiots if it wasn't for the Mark Daytons out there. I always find it amazing that both sides criticize the opponent's idiots yet ignore their own.


Although you are frugal with words, they hardly relate to an informed, honest and competent Mark Dayton. Trump and whats-his-name are opportunistic buffoons who never provide real issues, real positions, or real policies- they provide opportunist soundbites. Mark Dayton knows and can discuss in depth, all of the major issues Minnesota faces, and he can do so with truthfulness and nuance.

There simply are no Republicans who do that.

Govnrs Barkeepr
Govnrs Barkeepr

Mark Dayton has all the answers: Raise the taxes on the Rich! Get me another drink.


Mr Owens, you naively believe that all Democrats are good and all Republicans are bad. First, they are all bad. Second, what is your basis for Governor Dayton's ability? The barkeeper is correct in his assessment, he has one answer. As for being competent, then it must be easier to be Governor than Senator.

Keep in mind, I want nothing to do with Tee-Paw or the Comb-over. I recognize their inabilities as well, but I am not so beholden to a political machine that I must blindly accept whatever rabble they churn out.

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