Holly Boyd now says she didn't kill her Chihuahua puppy

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Boyd's trial starts October 3.
Holly Boyd, the Fridley woman accused of killing her eight-week-old Chihuahua after it peed on her leg, has changed her story.

Boyd appeared in court for the first time yesterday on felony animal cruelty charges, watched by a group of organized animal rights protesters hoping to see her squirm.

Before the hearing, Boyd told a reporter that she is innocent, and that a friend of her boyfriend's actually killed the puppy. From the Star Tribune:

"This was my dog, I wouldn't hurt it," she told the Star Tribune. "I've been a member of ASPCA [American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] for 12 years.

This recounting of the story is in stark contrast to what she told police. According to the charges, she admitted to throwing the dog against a piece of furniture after it peed on her leg. Here's an excerpt from the criminal complaint:

The incident occurred on March 24. Police originally came to Boyd's apartment to break up a fight between her and her boyfriend. Police advised the boyfriend to step out for a while and cool off.

About 45 minutes later, he received a text message from Boyd explaining that the dog was dead, and he rushed back to the apartment.

According to the charges, blood dripped from the dog's ears, its skull had been cracked in several places, and its bowels protruded from its stomach. The boyfriend called police, and Boyd was arrested.

Since her arrest, the gruesome story has made its way across the world.

The trial is set to begin Oct. 3.

Sandra McNeal started a petition for Boyd to receive the maximum penalty, and has already collected more than 2,000 signatures. She hopes to get about 20,000 before October.

"We've all been angry at our boyfriends, and we don't all go out and kill a puppy," she says.

But she left the Anoka County courthouse after what she hoped to be a civil protest turned "aggressive." Protesters demanded that Boyd be locked up permanently, and berated passersby who questioned their logic.

"I was really happy to see all the bodies there and the great signs," says McNeal. "What I wasn't really thrilled with was all the confronting people on the sidewalk."

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Forward Pride
Forward Pride

So she's told three stories: 1) the dog ran into a coffee table leg (must have run into it REALLY hard); 2) she threw it against the furniture; 3) her boyfriend's friend killed it. Two of these (at least) are lies. I'll be interested to see if the story changes yet again.


Do you guys run the same picture over and over for these "I stomped my chihuahua" and "I stole a patient's pain meds" stories? I mean, isn't that the same picture each time? Or is it just that one woman's leading a truly awful life and manages to get her picture into City Pages each week? (And no, I'm not taking about Michele Bachmann.)

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