Jesse Ventura wants to be a Mexican citizen [VIDEO]

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Jesse's running for something new: The border.
After a rant about Americans being a bunch of lemmings for supporting corrupt Republicans and Democrats, Jesse Ventura, already Minnesota's most famous Baja resident, told the ladies of "The View" he's so fed up he wants to go native.

His ex-pat leanings were exposed after Whoopee Goldberg pleaded for suggestions for coping with the hacks currently hell bent on shutting down the federal government to score political points.

"What you do is simple," Ventura replied. "Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans."

Then he added his own personal solution: "I live in Mexico now. And by the way, I'll add that my wife and I are thinking about becoming Mexican citizens."

He left the door open for some buyer's remorse, though: He'd want dual citizenship. Because you never know when that U.S. passport might come in handy.

Smart move. As infuriating as it is listening to blowhard political demagogues in Washington folding deck chairs on the Titanic, we're not sure it's wise to trade them in for politicians battling narcotraffickers with a penchant for leaving mass graves around the country. But maybe Jesse knows something we don't.


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The United States doesn't recognize dual citizenship you idiot! Your either an American or you are a Mexican not both.


Yes they do. Mexico doesn't recongize dual citizenship. thats why you don't apply for dual citizenship you apply for dual nationality. When you obtain Mexican nationality (not citizenship) you have every right that any other mexican has expect for becoming president or joining the mexican military. 

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