Jon McTaggart named MPR's new CEO, replacing Bill Kling

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Jon McTaggart has big shoes to fill.
American Public Media has opted to hire from the inside to replace Bill Kling, the only CEO the organization has ever known.

Jon McTaggart, APMG's senior vice president and chief operating officer, will take over his new duties on July 1. The organization's board announced the decision today.

He's got big shoes to fill.

Starting from humble beginnings in 1966, Kling grew MPR into one of the marquee names of public radio broadcasting. From there, he led the creation of American Public Media, a production whose properties include everything from Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion," to "Marketplace," to "The Splendid Table." By the non-profit's own estimation, it reaches 900,000 Minnesotans and 16.5 million people across the country every year.

McTaggart joined MPR in 1983, launching its Bemidji station, KCRB. He's held a succession of management positions ever since, and helped lead MPR into the online world in 1990s.

We look forward to hearing his mellifluous tones in the next pledge drive.

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MPR is hardly a "non-profit" when it can blanket the entire state of Minnesota with translators. It takes BIG MONEY to do that. And that's not "non-profit" money. MPR is really a for-profit big corporation. No real commercial, profit-making radio broadcasting company has this vast amount of real estate.

MPR should be considered in violation of federal anti-trust laws. And all of its licenses to broadcast should be thoroughly investigated by the Federal Communications Commission.

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