Kathy Nickolaus refuses to resign over Wisconsin election screw up

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Kathy Nickolaus admits she screwed up, but says she won't resign.
Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus appears to have been exposed as either a ham-fisted political hack, or simply incompetent. Or maybe it's both.

But just because she flipped a much-watched Wisconsin Supreme Court election in favor of her former boss Justice David Prosser, by coming up with thousands of uncounted votes, she says that's no reason to resign from her post.

"I will serve the remainder of my term," she said today after demands that she pack her bags. "I understand why people are upset and I am taking this matter seriously."

Justice David Prosser openly supported GOPer Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governor's race.
People are upset, especially Prosser's challenger, Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg, who had claimed victory in the race until Nickolaus stunned everyone with her epic math failure last Friday.

The irony of the Nickolaus bombshell was that Republicans had been licking their wounds and trying, without merit, to pass off their loss to a corrupt election. But then Nickolaus came forward, and suddenly it was Democrats who smelled a skunk. The Prosser-Nickolaus race had become a proxy fight between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic foes because Prosser openly supported Walker even as he claimed he could administer justice independently.

Now, the state Government Accountability Board is looking into the issue, and Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to open a federal investigation into whether there was voter fraud in Waukesha County.


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An error is a spreadsheet distr'o to the newsies as an unofficial running tally is hardly cause to question an election. The original ballots and official counts are independent from news reporting.

Find something else to rant about.

Typical Democrat
Typical Democrat

The unofficial results reported to the AP should override the real results when it serves the outcome I desire.

Laurent Gbagbo
Laurent Gbagbo

It's a close election. "Forget" your own district's ballots for a bit while the rest of the tally comes in. Forge as many ballots as you need for your guy to win. Good job, you've corrupted the government.


Or elected a new gadfly governor.......

Don't forget to bus vulnerable and 'handicapped' adults to the polls, make sure they think they are voting for Gerald Ford.

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