Khairi Coleman won't be charged in 2-year-old nephew's death

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Amir Coleman died a year ago in March.
Remember the story of Amir Coleman, the 2-year-old boy left to die in a St. Paul house fire a year ago?

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office now says there isn't enough evidence to charge the little boy's uncle, Khairi Coleman, with arson. The case has been dropped.

Amir's lifeless body was found on the second floor of the burned out duplex at 839 Blair Ave. on March 25. Khairi Coleman and four other family members, including a 4-year-old boy, escaped the blaze.

Police arrested him on suspicion of arson and homicide. Witnesses said they saw him arguing with his family over money the day of the fire, and arson investigators suspected the fire had been set intentionally on the home's front porch.

But the 27-year-old man was released from the Ramsey County jail after a 48-hour hold period because St. Paul police said they needed more time to build their case before bringing charges.

Those charges never came. But County Attorney John Choi said his office would review the case again if new evidence was brought forward.

Site of the fire:

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Sara Nedeau
Sara Nedeau

This man is a flipping idot and deserves to die. We all know he did it and I'm am truly sad that this case is pretty much closed.

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