Mahdi Hassan Ali, triple homicide suspect, will argue his age to Supreme Court

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How old does this guy look to you?
Mahdi Hassan Ali is one step closer to not spending the rest of his life in a prison.

The triple-murder suspect who claims to have been 15 when the killings took place, has been granted the chance to appeal his case by the Minnesota Supreme court.

Ali is one of two people accused of slaying three attendants of a Seward market in January 2010. Ali was charged within a few days of the killings, but the age issues has stopped the case from going forward.

Originally believed to be 17, Ali was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. But Ali, a Somali immigrant, doesn't have a birth certificate, and claims the number on his driver's license is made up.

It's a small age discrepancy, but it could determine whether Ali serves a life sentence with no chance of parole.

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The Seward Market killings were the second, third, and fourth murders of 2010.
Last November, an analysis of Ali's dental X-Rays showed a 75 percent probability he was older than 16 at the time of the killings. This was good enough for a Hennepin County court.

Ali's lawyer appealed the case to the Minnesota Supreme Court earlier this month. He will now have one more chance to make his case.


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