Mark Adams, "True Blood" wannabe, now faces child sex assault charges

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Mark Adams may have graduated from LARPing to true crime.
The legal problems for Mark Adams are getting deeper and deeper.

Already convicted on charges relating to vampire "nuzzling" a 3-year-old boy, the Wisconsin man is now accused of giving a little girl alcohol and weed. And it gets worse.

According to Sheboygan police, Adams now faces charges of repeated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault, child enticement, child abuse and three counts of marijuana delivery.

He's already serving time for a bizarre episode in January in which he left three sets of bite marks on the neck of a child he was supposed to be baby sitting.

Mark Adams allegedly plied a little girl with booze and weed.
He told the cops he got a little carried away after watching an episode of "True Blood." When the little boy's mother confronted him, he blurted out that he wasn't a "pedophile," hit her in the face and took off.

At the time, there were hints that there was more trouble in store for this guy. He'd already been charged with a probation-related offense of allowing a man convicted of a child sex-related crime to hang out at his house and smoke weed -- with three little kids on the premises.

The new charges are expected to be filed today.

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