Mark Adams takes "True Blood" LARPing too far with 3 year old

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Mark Adams said he was just "nuzzling" the child.
A Sheboygan police detective was trying to get to the bottom of a mystery: How did a 3-year-old boy being watched by 43-year-old Mark Adams end up with a bunch of bruises on his neck the size and shape of an adult's mouth and teeth?

A little over-imaginative "True Blood" live action role playing may have had something to do with it.

Adams was arrested back in January when the boy's mother came home to find the child, identified in the criminal complaint as RDT Jr., on the floor crying, with the bruises on his neck. She confronted Adams, who blurted out that he wasn't "a pedophile," they fought, and he left.

Nuzzling, the vampire way.

When the cops started asking questions, Adams tried to pass off the kid's injuries as the result of some "wrestling and nuzzling."

Nuzzling? OK. Maybe not nuzzling. Maybe he actually said words "to the effect of wanting to suck RDT Jr.'s blood."

And what would have prompted that rather unorthodox babysitting strategy? They were watching HBO's vampire soap opera, 'True Blood."

Adams finally pleaded no contest to charges and a judge has now sentenced him to 30 days in the Sheboygan County jail.

His case probably wasn't helped by the fact that he had already been charged earlier this month with a probation-related offense of allowing a man convicted of a child sex-related crime to hang out at his house and smoke weed -- with three little kids on the premises.

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Parents, really??? WHY WHY WHY I would not trust tHAt with my son's pet minnow. WHAT THE H E LL??? The mother and this perp should have to pay for this child's counselling and not tax payers. When he gets out of jail the the state should sue him for the medical bills. I smell MEDICAID claim.

Mrs. A
Mrs. A

If people start complaining that True Blood makes people do weird stuff and it ends up getting cancelled I'm going to hunt this guy down and go vampire on his arse!!!

James Savik
James Savik

Vampires... so that's what the kids are calling it these days


Something in the water over there!


Front Page headline: "True Blood" LARPing goes to far with child"

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

"to far"

Really CP? I swear to god I will be an editor for you guys for 75K/year

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