Lunch box robber at Edina M&I Bank caught on camera

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Who is this guy?
A guy wearing a wool hat, scarf and sunglasses walked into the M&I Bank branch at 3905 West 69th Street in Edina yesterday at about 10 a.m. He put down an insulated lunch box on the counter, told the teller there was a bomb inside and demanded cash.

A security camera caught the whole episode, not far from the Galleria and Southdale malls -- not that the guy with the alleged bomb appeared to care or even know.

He took the cash, stuffed it in his "bomb" and left. In broad daylight he climbed into a white, four-door KIA Spectra and drove away.

Another bank robber who doesn't care if security cameras catch him in action.
The teller told police she thought she saw a brown paper wrapper and some sort of electrical switch when he opened the lunch box.

Have you seen this guy? The FBI describes as being in his 20s or 30s, about 6 feet tall, and weighing about 185 pounds. Along with the head gear, he wore a green jacket with some kind of logo on the left breast, dark pants and shoes. Give the cops a call if you have any info: Edina PD at (952) 826-1610, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office at (888) 988-TIPS, Minneapolis FBI at (612) 376-3200, or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

Robbery location:

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Security Camera
Security Camera

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