Michael Lewis Johnson accused in two Ford Parkway bank heists

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Caught on camera, Feb. 3.
After the robber strolled into the TCF Bank branch on Ford Parkway on Feb. 3 in broad daylight, right under the gaze of security cameras, we speculated that he either didn't care whether his moves were recorded, or he just wasn't very smart.

Turns out both observations may have been on the mark.

The FBI announced today that Michael Lewis Johnson, 54, of Minneapolis, has been indicted in that robbery, as well as an April 5 heist at the Wells Fargo Bank branch on Ford Parkway.

The security camera images of the robberies helped them ID Johnson. When they arrested him April 6, there were clothes in his basement that matched what he was seen wearing on camera.

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Seen this guy? He has a preference for TCF Bank branches too.
The indictment comes amid a rash of TCF Bank robberies in the Twin Cities over the past few months. Michael John Husten has recently arrested for a Nov. 30 robbery in Fridley. And police are still looking for the man who hit three TCF Bank branches in January, February, and March.

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