Michele Bachmann: "I Am A Person Of Substance'

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A person of substance.
So Karl Rove goes on Bill O'Reilly's show last night. Here's a guy who helped Michele Bachmann get where she is today. She's "a personal friend," he says.

But there's a challenge, Rove tells O'Reilly. Are Americans going to look at her and think, Wow, there goes someone with the kind of experience and gravitas we need to replace Barack Obama in the White House?

No, Rove says.

Hey, Bachmann insisted on MSNBC today, "I am a person of substance."

Bachmann said it: Accuracy is important.
Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd confronted her and her presidential ambitions first with a replay of some recent video clips of Bachmann bosh, including nonsense about breast pumps, drilling permits, Obama's trip to India, and Jimmy Carter and swine flu. (They didn't mention her flunking the history of the Revolutionary War, slavery and the Founding Fathers, and her own family's genealogy, but we assume time was short.)

Well congresswoman, they asked, if you want to be president, don't you think you ought to get your facts straight "so that people see you are a woman of substance?"

Well, "I am a woman of substance," she said. And then she reeled off some accomplishments.

Yes, Guthrie said, "but do you think you've been a little lose with the facts?"

"It's important we have accuracy," Bachmann said, before trying to turn the focus onto Obama.

"But congresswoman, I asked about you and some of your statements," Guthrie interrupted. "In the interest of personal responsibility, those were your statements that were ultimately deemed to be inaccurate. So my question is to you, how will you change your rhetoric so that people will understand that you are a serious person who has credibility on the big issues?"

"People know that I do have credibility on the big issues," she replied.

Watch the person of substance at work:

And watch Rove:

Recent Bachmann Coverage:

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she looks to me like a person of substance abuse!

Forward Pride
Forward Pride

Definitely a person of substance, that substance being willful, cynical horseshit. She knows she's a liar; she's paid to be a liar. I am deeply ashamed of her and of anyone who voted for her. Hitler did the same thing: bully a country with lies so loud and monstrous that most of the people were afraid to speak up.


if she looked like Hilary Clinton she wouldn't have a political leg to stand on, when she campaigning for office she never speaks of her politics or where she stands on any topic she simply spends her time smearing the names of her competitors


"I am a person of substance."

of course just what that substance is remains a mystery


Michele Bachmann is the greatest! Today, April 6, 2011, is her 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Michele! She will be celebrating her 57th birthday in the White House. Karl Rove will definitely be there waiting tables along side of Bill Maher.


So she got to age 55 without walking off a cliff, playing with gasoline and matches, or driving into a bridge abutment, and that makes her "the greatest"?

I'm down in Florida, where the countryside is sadly littered with people who think "Do what?" is a succinct comment. I always though people in Minnesota were different...you know, smart! Educated! Real people! How sad to see that America's descent into mediocrity has spread everywhere.


She sure makes Sarah Palin look smart, I'll say that.

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