Michele Bachmann walks the red carpet: Photo Of The Day

Michele Bachmann, on Time's red carpet.
Talk about coming out of your comfort zone.

Thoroughly glammed up queen of the tea party Michele Bachmann walked into the belly of the liberal media beast yesterday -- on a red carpet for Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" bash at Lincoln Center in New York City.

We don't know who she hobnobbed with, and she hasn't mentioned anything on her Facebook page yet. Maybe she's sleeping it off? But NBC's Brian Williams was there. So was actor Mark Walberg, Tiger Mother Amy Chua, uberblogger Meghan McCain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

We await the dish. In the meantime, Time published a slide show that featured Bachmann and others deemed worthy of attention. Here's their snap of our 6th District congresswoman:

bachmann time100 red carpet.jpg

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